Girls at the Tin Sheds: Sydney Feminist Posters 1975-90


Yesterday, we went and checked out the exhibition at Verge Gallery. It is called Girls at the Tin Sheds: Sydney Feminist Posters 1975-90. 

What is the exhibition about though?

The Tin Sheds back in the 1970s and 80s was a epicentre for cultural and political debate. Many artists and students were drawn to the place due it is open free access to sceen-printing facilities. Posters were made advertising various marches, dances, films, community concerns and ofcourse political outrage.

The exhibition at Verge Gallery (and the Sydney University Art Gallery) highlight the number of posters created by women. This exhibition coincides with the 40th anniversary of Women’s Year (1975). It  is pretty cool. The posters are awesome. If you are in Sydney you should check it out.


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my personal favourite:11051344_10204760417425026_132105581_n

further readings:





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